Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rape Coverup at North Miami High School

You see now what we've been talkin about all this time? If you saw the news this week you should know by now that last school year we had two rapes at our school (and Big Susie is still missing with our school money). And it was coveredup by Dictator Iber, his administration (you know who you are Ms. Armand, Ms. Loubeau, Mr. Branton, Ms. Ruiz, and Dr. Garbutt) and his other buddies. Why didn't he tell us anything about this when he was principal-dictator? Why didn't he and his buddies protect us? Isn't that their job? Why did he and his buddies keep quiet about this and cover it up? Shouldn't we and our parents know that these things happened at our school? Why we gotta read about this in the news after 6 months and not hear it from the school first when it happened? And more than once!!! What the hell goin on at our school?!?!?!

Dictator Iber is gone and that's good but as you can see there are still problems. And Ms. Armand, Ms. Loubeau, Mr. Branton, Ms. Ruiz, and Dr. Garbutt what did you know about all this? And why did you cover it up too? Dictator Iber ain't the only one who gotta be gone. How you all keep your jobs? How much you get paid to destroy our school? If our parents did as shitty a job as you all they woulda been fired a loooooong time ago. How you all manage to keep your jobs and you are in charge when all these crimes happen and cover it up?

There's so little security in the school that us and our friends just walk in and out the building whenever we feel like it. Shit, we've seen kids that don't even go to the school hanging out inside in the hall ways. My boy goes home to eat or take a nap and then comes back to school later. It's a joke. But a tragedy too.

Here is the news:

From channel 10
4 teens face charges in North Miami Senior High gang rape

and this from the Miami Herald
Four students face charges of raping mentally disabled girl at North Miami Senior High

This is sick. And the school system lyin when it says there were 14 security guards at our school. Everybody knows them and cuz of Iber's cheap and delinquent ass there's only like 8 or 9. One of them died last year and the other one we hardly ever saw. The other ones had too much work by themselves.

How many lives gotta be ruined before somebody step up and think about us students first? We thought that was the whole point of school. To get us ready for the future not to take our future from us. If this is the first time you hearing about this tell your friends and tell your parents about this and tell them to ask questions. They ask us for answers on stupid tests but they need to give us answers for real now.

Other people in Miami think the same. This is what they said on the Miami Herald article:
1. Why don't we cut Carvallo's 370,000 plus salary along with adult education principals so that there can be enough money for security , media specialists , drama , art ... We in Miami - Dade need a new superintendent that knows what he's doing instead of one constantly mugging to the cameras.

2. Wow! This is just sad in all LEVELS!

3. damm this all happened at my school

4. So the teachers/principal don't have enough authority to control the students? ?? Why would be any student in the hallway during class????? Sue the school

5. This is sad but not unexpected at North Miami Sr. High. A lack of leadership both at the school and district level is the root of the problem. When I was at North Miami students pretty much could do whatever they wanted, under the protection of an administration that was inept, indifferent, and just plain incompetent. And the real shame is that North Miami is staffed with excellent teachers. If this happened at North Miami then just imagine what's happening at other schools in the district. Citizens of Miami should consider the possibility that Mr. Carvalho and the school board are not up to the job of protecting students, faculty, and staff and providing a safe educational environment. The parents and teachers of Dade Schools needs reassurance that their schools are adequately staffed with trained security personnel and the administration is on top of discipline. Mr. Carvalho needs to provide the type of leadership that quite frankly he has not shown, except when the media is around. When will the parents start holding Carvalho and the school board accountable? The citizens of Miami-Dade deserves an investigative report by the Miami Herald on MDCPS, the do nothing school board and it's showboating superintendent. I don't see this happening, since the Miami Herald is the unofficial public relations arm of Dade Schools. In the meantime teachers will fear for their safety, students will be the victims of crime perpetrated by other students, and Carvalho will pick up another award for being an educational visionary.   

6. I agree 100% . Students are forced to be in a class for over two hours and they just can't take it anymore. Enrichment classes and vocational classes have been eliminated and core classes have been extended; Thus the students act up and must be allowed to go to the restroom , etc. This is the fault of this superentendant that has no shame and is a fraud. He must be removed and the tax payers need to know the REAL state of their schools!

7. This happen at my son school what a shame I hppe the school system will do mor to protect the mentally disabled this up coming school year whether they students are independent or severely disable

8. This is only scratching the surface of the truth. Reality is that the at no point did the school have 14 full time security guards working during the school day. And don't buy the District's calculation that determined that North Miami Senior needs 11 security guards. We really need about 20 if you want to ensure a safe environment for everyone in the school. Also teachers and security guards had warned the administration that we were in need of more security guards but our pleas went unheaded. Also, security guards had warned the administration that the lock to the closet door where the rape occurred was broken and thus posed a danger, and they did nothing. Teachers also complained about the lack of security precautions in the school to the School Board member, Dr. Wilbert Tee Holloway. Actions could have been, and still can be taken to ensure a safer learning environment for kids at North Miami Senior. Let's hope that these tragedies trigger some action in this direction

9. Obviously there are people commenting who have never been educators, or even worked at a school. This school you are referring to is HUGE. 14 security guards means absolutely NOTHING. 2nd Teenagers will do what ever they want to do, you can not blame teachers or parents alone. The issue is bigger than that. 3rd lets not bring race into this discussion. It is a very serious issue. There are many flaws in the educational system , although race plays a part, it is not the whole picture. We need more ways to keep our schools safe for everyone. It is ridiculous, but to treat all students as criminals - which by way is what appears to be occurring now in Miami Dade county, would be a poor move as well. There needs to be a balance, and a better way to run a school. It just shows how flawed the administration and logistic tactics are at this school. I agree with someone who said one of the first things to do is LOCK all the janitors closets. My thoughts are with the victim, but we need ways to prevent this from occurring again

10. So, instead of making students go to class, monitoring disabled kids, and keeping janitor doors locked that contain toxic material, the principal spent his time criticizing people on social media? The unbelievable thing is that this happened months ago under his watch and yet he still had the audacity to publicly criticize other peoples' work recently. This clown should have been fired long before the Texas incident which caused his infamous post.

Nuff said.



  1. Forget just firing these administrators. They need to fined, sued, and sent to prison for allowing these crimes to happen under their watch. They like to talk about zero tolerance, right? Well when things like this go down why not zero tolerance against the administration. It looks like there's a pattern of crimes here and cover-ups too. This also goes up to media whores like Carvalho who never misses a chance to put on his expensive suits and catwalk in front of the media but did not say a thing about any of this. Did he not know about any of this or did he also participate in the cover-ups? Either way, someone's got to pay for all this and the blame goes to the top.

  2. This website is dumb as fuck (attack me if you want to I could careless). First of all, there is no difference between Iber and Lewis administration, they both did the same thing, except that Iber is new and easier to pick on. When Lewis was there was the same amount of security guards, so Iber left it the same way it's a problem. We used to pay for our ID when Mr. Lewis was there, Iber does is the same it is a problem. We used to have issues getting into lunch without our ID, Iber change that but it is not a solution it is a problem. Get yall head out of yall asses whoever create this dumb shit need know, the only reason why yall want Lewis back is because you guys are brain washed into liking him and because he is more charismatic than Iber. The core classes spread started with Lewis, so please QUIT BLAMING Iber administration. All the wrong things Iber get blame for is a legacy of Mr. Lewis administration. To finish, anyone would have cover the story, well Mr. Lewis was better doinng this then Iber because that's not the first rape story at North Miami Senior High, I know a girl that got raped by a kid that was mentally disabled at the school, in 2013 it was covered by Lewis administration damn well, right? because it didn't make the news. Anyways stop that dumb shit, it is not Iber it is North Miami Senior High School that's fucked up. Now, do a website not to blame the poor guy who is already fired because he expressed his opinion. I don't like Iber but the truth should be said.

    1. You're both right and wrong. You're right for sure about the problem being bigger than Iber. Like you say, it is North Miami Senior High School that's fucked up. And it's really more than that. Miami-Dade County Public Schools (the whole system.) is fucked up. North Miami is not the only school where these things are happening. And things were fucked up under Mr. Lewis too so I agree with you on that too. It just seems that poor schools in general are fucked up. They don't care about us and treat us like slaves on a plantation with no hopes for the future. How is treating kids like second-class citizens going to produce good results? But you're wrong in trying to clear Iber from any responsibility in this. He's not just some "poor guy" who got fired simply because he "expressed his opinion." He was the principal for a whole school year and was there before that, no? He had the most power in the school of anyone and not only did he not do shit to make the school better. It got even worse under him. And crimes and coverups happened on his watch (rapes, Big Susie stealing all that money, putting teachers on a blacklist). He's not just some innocent bystander. He's guilty as hell too and I'm glad he's gone. I hope he stays as far the fuck away as possible from North Miami and from kids period. He's got no business in a school. And, more than that, his crooked and fucked up administration (Ms. Armand, Ms. Loubeau, Mr. Branton, Ms. Ruiz, and Dr. Garbutt) all need to go too. The school needs a good housecleaning.

    2. Think about it, if it was a cover up, don't you think you wouldn't know. There is an obvious exaggeration, you keep on saying crimes as if there are more, and there isn't any evidence except for 1, the big Suzie drama there is no proof of it, just teacher talking about it. if it was meant to be covered there would be a meeting to tell teacher not to talk about it. Well now that Iber is gone the website/blog is Unnecessary, it is just a misrepresentation of North Miami Senior High class of 2015 because the mistakes that I see in that website is a real shame. This website seem to be made by someone tat has nothing to do. Instead of being a critic that will not help anyone, just go enjoy your summer and be more productive. The change can start with you. No offense to anyone! It is obvious that the website is from a kid in Mr. Martinez class because of the reference to Big Suzie. So bye, stop being anonymous, because if you think it is so great to do such blog, stand being what you say and do. If you are not proud to say you did then it is not right, such a coward move!

    3. I really hope you aren't a teacher writing this, though that's what it sounds like, because if it is that's frightening. You don't even know how to think yourself and you're in charge of teaching kids? First, a "cover-up", according to Merrian Webster's dictionary, is "an action or a way of behaving that is meant to prevent people from knowing about something." Only now in July do we know about brutal gang rapes that happened at North Miami six months ago. How come we only found out about it from the newspaper six months or more after the fact? Why did Iber and his criminal administration keep it quiet? Didn't we all have a right to know that these things happened? If your kid went to North Miami wouldn't you feel that the school had the obligation to inform parents and students about such things? You saying "this isn't a cover-up because we now know about it", months later and only because it was exposed by a newspaper, is like saying Watergate wasn't a cover-up because we found out about it eventually when it was exposed by the newspapers a long time after it happened. Are you stupid or just pretending to be? Do you know how to use a dictionary? And what about the Big Susie cover-up? If it's not a cover-up and there is no crime can you please do us all the favor of informing us where she disappeared to? Is she hiding out in your house with all the money she stole from the school? Why are you covering for Big Susie and the criminal administration? If this website is pissing people like you off and has you commenting on it on at 2 in the morning on a holiday then I hope it never goes away. It really shouldn't go away until all the problems are fixed and our school is rid of people like you who would rather sweep things under the rug that truly clean things up. (And why criticize others for being anonymous when you yourself posted this comment anonymously?)

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