Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You can run but you can't hide Dictator Iber

We know it's been a while since our last post but here is an update for all you swamp dogs about whats been going down. We are happy to see that we have lots of supporters out there still trying to make sure that Dictator Iber doesn't get away with the crap he put us through last year. We found this video clip of a protest that some people had at Ibers new school. 

Just cause he left to another school dont mean that people forgot what he did. His dictator and racist ass needs to be punished and we wont stop till then. We read that Iber tried suing MDCPS for removing him from our school and thats the only reason that hes still around. Reverse racism? Come on man, they kicked you out of here thanks to kids like us who exposed how dirty the school was, how unsafe the school was that a girl even got raped,  how bad you treated kids and teachers, and those public posts you put on the Miami Herald site and on your facebook account congratulating police for beating down on innocent black kids. So just do us all a favor and walk away from our public schools and go get a job where you are not around kids or people period ...maybe in a little cubicle in an office job somewhere. 

Another thing that went down recently was the arrest of Big Susie. We should get all the props for this since we wrote a post about it, months before it even broke the news!!! We should be given an award for our investigative work. And forget our calls to 'Free Big Susie'. We now say, Lock up Big Susie, and anyone else who knew about or helped her steal thousands of dollars from our school. Check out this new report about Big Susie:   Props to Channel 10 for this. We hope that a real investigation is done for ALL of the years that Big Susie worked at our school, so we can finally find out how much money she really stole from us. 

Like my man Akon said, "I'm locked up, they wont let me out, they wont let me out.” 

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