Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our School Still Needs to be Fixed

School is around the corner and we don't want to continue going to the same craphole of a school that we went to last year. Mr. Branton, Mrs. Armand, and the rest of the administration - you saw what happened to The Dictator Iber. You better start fixing all the issues that students have been discussing on this blog and among ourselves, our parents, and friends inside and outside of the school. Did you all help cover up Mrs. Susie Easterling's (Big Susie) grand theft of over $100,000 from our low-income school? Where she at now? Isn't helping to cover up a crime a crime too? And if you didn't know how do you still have a job? Shouldn't you have known that much money was missing? It wasn't a quarter or $4 or $20. It was more than $100,000!!! Have you informed the residents of North Miami that their money was stolen and that the administration and probably even people downtown just covered up the incident so that they wouldn't get bad publicity and get in trouble? Aren't two of you former administrators who got bumped down from your old positions cuz of certain personal and professional misconduct? Does the public at North Miami know about this? Why aren't you all sittin up in CSI or suspended? That's only good for us kids? Why not for you? We know that some of you, Loubeau (cheap imitation Niki Minaj toenail) and Armand (wannabe tonton macoute) get to work at whatever time you like way past when the first bell rings and even be sneaky about it and get others to cover up for you so that people won't notice. But everybody notices. You think we are stupid? People wonder if you stay at the club whistlin with Flo Rida till the sun comes up or what. How about the way Armand and Loubeau treat teachers? Oh yeah, we've heard from teachers who told us that they get harassed by the two of you and how you give favors (like good department positions and classes) to your friends. Isn't harassment and hookin up your friends for jobs illegal? And then you have administrators like Dr. Garbutt who act nice and professional but have no courage to speak up and just let other administrators get away with doing unprofessional or illegal things that hurt our school.

So what's needed at North Miami Senior? Here's some things.

- We want to go to a school where we are treated like human beings and are allowed to voice our opinions and to learn. We don't need all those cockroaches and rats so make sure that the school is clean. If you gotta hire more custodians then hire more custodians. 

- We don't need to run around the building trying to find a bathroom with toilet paper, paper towels, or soap. Don't you all have these things in your bathroom? Are those things only good for you? Does the public and media know about this? 

- We do need a library...WITH A LIBRARIAN. Why can't we even use our own library to read, to do work, to check out books, and to do research on the computers? Why is there no librarian? You can't tell us that there is no money for a librarian. Get all that money back from Big Susie and hire a damn librarian so that we can have a functioning library. 

Stop charging us money because we don't have a school ID or are in uniform that day. Some of us don't have $2 to pay to get out of CSI and so we're stuck in there the entire day and miss class for these stupid violations. We are not criminals even if you treat us like we are. Is charging kids money even legal?

-We need to feel safe going to school. How is it that rapes happen at this school and it takes months to learn about it in the newspaper? You don't care if kids get hurt? What if this happened in the schools where your kids go? We're sure you would care then and work quickly to correct the situation. So what we need are more security guards to be hired for our school. And the administration needs to monitor the halls during period to period, in order to make sure that nobody is in the hallway after the bell rings. We need to make sure that there are not kids or people from the street inside the school because it's so easy to enter the building from all the entrances.

- We need to have smaller classes so that we can actually have a desk to sit at and do our work. Why would anybody put more kids in a class than desks? That makes no damn sense at all. Again, how would you like your own kids to have to stand up all period long or to share the floor with ants, dirt, dried up gum, etc because there are no desks for them to sit at. We don't know what part about this you don't get ... WE CANT LEARN WHEN WE GOT 35, 40, OR MORE OF US IN A CLASSROOM. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS NOT SARDINES!!!

Show us you know what you're doing and that you actually care about the rest of the students. Thanks.


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